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Interstate Paper, a member of Interstate Resources, Inc., is one of the last independent linerboards mills in the US, supplying 1100 tons per day from 42# to 90# and four high-compression-strength grades: 45#, 52#, 55# and 72#.

Our high-performance kraft linerboard contains 15%-25% recycled fiber, depending on the grade. We take pride in serving our customers with the highest quality products and exceptional service.

Our technicians and managers have decades of experience in paper mills and converting facilities, which can be used to assist your operation. We work to ensure all aspects of the supplier-customer relationship are met. Using a collaborative approach, we consult with customers on new projects, provide quality testing, lower costs, and improve plant efficiencies.

We are one of the largest employers in the Liberty Country, Georgia area. As one of the cleanest effluent paper mills in the United States, we are especially proud of our environmental stewardship.


Mission & Vision


We are a market-driven, customer-focused company committed to serving paperboard and packaging customers.

We operate with high ethical values and a high regards for the well-being, development, and safety of our people.

We achieve profitability through optimal performance in all our business activities; this is made possible by adding value for our customers, and operating with an entrepreneurial drive.

We will steadily and predictably increase the economic value of the company.

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At Interstate Paper, we proactively seek to build and enhance our business with customers who recognize and buy on total value. We develop an in-depth knowledge of our customers’ business and industry; then we provide them with innovative products and services to assist them in meeting their objectives.

The safety and wellbeing of our people is the primary factor that drives our business. Our employees are part of a caring team and are encouraged to develop and fully utilize their experience and talent in support of the business. Accordingly, we strive to create a safe and open culture that fosters entrepreneurial spirit and rewards creativity and learning.

Our ownership is continually investing and renewing assets in the company. As disciplined entrepreneurs, we build our credibility through:
  • Achieving steady and predictable performance
  • Possessing in-depth knowledge of our markets and customers
  • Developing and implementing effective business strategies
  • Demonstrating effective project management
  • Developing and sharing technical and managerial talent in support of our business

We will steadily and predictably increase the economic value of the company.

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A key aspect of our company culture is commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our employees. This is evidenced by our strong mill safety record and the mill safety program which underlies that record.

Safety on the job is often perceived to be an ‘individual’ responsibility, much as a machine operator is responsible for the operation of their machine. However, employees do not work alone. Employees have an entire network of co-workers to provide support and guidance. Team work is a must in order to create a safe working environment. In that respect, our mill-wide Safety Program gives employees the opportunity to provide valuable input into all facets of the program.

A successful safety program requires each person in the organization, regardless of position, to understand and accept safety as their individual and personal responsibility. We put this into practice by performing safety observations and offering immediate feedback with a strong focus on positive reinforcement of safe behavior.
As demonstration of Interstate's commitment to this responsibility, we direct the following initiatives at the corporate level:
  • Compliance with all applicable state and federal safety regulations.
  • Development of a documented corporate-wide safety manual.
  • Standardization of safety objectives and activities.
  • Identification of in-house resources for safety.
  • Assignment of authority and responsibility.
Responsibility for assuring that the safety program works effectively is a core function of all management and supervisory personnel. Managers are responsible for the program’s execution in the operations under their control; department heads, superintendents and line supervisors are accountable for the safety of the employees under their direction.

We are dedicated to working together to keep safety a primary, ongoing focus in our daily lives at Interstate Paper.


Customer Service

At Interstate Paper, we allocate all our resources towards one goal: to be the most customer-oriented linerboard operation in the global market.

We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to our customers’ needs. Our Customer Service representatives are aligned with Sales representatives by geographic region to form full-service Customer Teams. By working closely with production scheduling and logistics, our Customer Service representatives manage the entire order fulfillment process, from initial order receipt to the timely delivery of product to the customer.

Our forte is Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery. Strategically-located warehouses allow us to pre-position inventory and deliver in a day or two. Our in-house logistics coordinator allows us to tailor transportation to best serve our customers’ needs.

Finally, we strive to be the best in the business at responding to all customer needs, including technical assistance and rapid resolution of customer concerns.

Dana Dubois
Customer Service Manager
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Amelia Milligan
Traffic Coordinator, Customer Service
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Sheleyn McCollum
Production Schedueler, Export Customer Service
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Ronnie Swindell
Warehouse Manager
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Karen McAuley
Customer Service Representative
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